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  * Feefback TopicFinding a wine agent in China [ Reply 16  |  Examine 36809 ]

clemy (lecanon)
Place Register member
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Register 2007/3/6
Oficial Titke Wine Man
        Time: 2007/3/6 21:38:04 1    

Dear All

We are seeking a wine agent or a partner in China to distribute our wine. We only provide rose wine from France, Provénce. We have chosen to specialize in rose wine because it is a wine that is becoming increasingly popular and fashionable. Consequently, it is the only wine in France that the national consumption is on the increase. Were as French national consumption of all wine is on a decrease. Rose wine consumption is increasing rapidly world wide.

We export in bottles or in bulk to be bottled out there. So we are looking for some one that could do all the taxes and licenses, we can help on that as well. Also to find buyers and to distribute the wine. Would like some one that has experience in the wine industry. We can discuss the terms later, either we pay you or you can get a commission!

At the moment we are exporting to South Africa and sorting out exports to China. If you would like any information please email me
Thank you
James Vanrenen

风雅颂 (风雅颂)
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Register 2005/4/13
Oficial Titke Wine King
        Time: 2007/3/6 23:56:12 2    



feifei (fengxiafei)
Place Register member
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Register 2006/7/11
Oficial Titke Wine Gentleman
        Time: 2007/3/8 10:03:35 3    

Thank you for your message! Bon-wine culture consulting company is a professional wine consulting company. We can offer the help for you to seek for general wine agent in China.
Please feel free to browse our website: www.bon-wine.com
Thank you.
E-mail: wine@Bon-wine.com

JoJo (johanna)
Place Register member
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Register 2008/2/14
Oficial Titke Wine Man
        Time: 2008/2/15 11:51:16 4    

Dear James Vanrenen

can you drop me a email joanna@greatocean.cn
for more information of your Rose wine. we are a trading company in HK, we are interested in importing wines and we have 2 related retail shops for promotion.


pet (antitenure)
Place Register member
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Register 2008/3/8
Oficial Titke Wine Man
        Time: 2008/3/8 3:01:53 5    

thank you for your message.
Maybe I could help you to expore market in China.
please feel free to contact me at

richard (richardchou)
Place Register member
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Register 2008/12/5
Oficial Titke Wine Man
        Time: 2008/12/8 16:46:29 6    

Hi James Vanrenen,

We are looking for vinery from France and import fine wines. Pls send me price list and particular description of your wine and enclose full introduction of your winery. We will investigate and evalue your wines.

Best Rgds


ecwine (ecwine)
Place Register member
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Register 2009/1/25
Oficial Titke Wine Man
        Time: 2009/1/25 19:05:31 7    

Dear all,
We are sole agent (for China/Hk/Taiwan markets) of the finest wine from Israel. Israel is probably one of the oldest countries in the world in wine making ever since the Bible age. We are distributing an Israeli winery that produces over 10 million bottles per year, in
over 30 different styles and award-winning fine wines.

Israeli wines are mostly dry in style, well-balanced body and aftertaste, and sweetness with 100% natural ingredients to satisfy the kosher rule. It is well accepted for Asians, and matchable with Asia cuisines too.

We are looking for dealers in China.

Pls contact EC Wine Ltd at info@ecwine.com or refer to http://www.ecwine.com for more information.

谈酒论杯 (interwinechina2009)
Place Register member
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Register 2009/4/10
Oficial Titke Wine Man
        Time: 2009/4/13 14:41:23 8    

Dear MR. James Vanrenen,

Fair is the most efficient way to expand wine business in China.

I recommend you an exhibition: the most professional wine and spirits exhibition in China: Interwine China 2009 to meet potential partners in China to establish your sales net work in China, especially South China--the largest imported wine market in China.

Participants at present:

USA Pavilion: California Wine Institute; Italian Pavilian: V-Italy--including around 15 wineries; French Pavilion: Chateau Castegens, Chateau Classci, La Region Champagn, French Wines Distribution, Wine Options, French Louis 13 Group and so on; Australian Pavilion: Tall Tree Wines--Branch Company of Australia Exports Ltd. in China, Bella Wines--Branch of Marcopolo Exports in China, 3 Like Trading; Portuguese Pavilion: AEP--organizing a number of Portuguese wineries; South African Pavilion: Inc. Export. Ltd organizing SA wineries; Spanish Pavilion: ICEX, IVEX and IPEX--organizing spanish wineries; Romanian Pavilion: Husi Wines Ltd and so on; Eastern European Pavilion: Ukrainian Wines, Armenian Winery--YABWVF, Georgian Wines; South American Pavilion: Argentian wines, Chilean Wines, Peruvian Wines, Brazilian Wines; A number of Chinese imported wine importers participants; Chinese wine producers; Other spirits Producers;

Hope you can expand your wine business in China successfully through the platform of Interwine China.

Please contact me for more information:

Key Li | Senior Project Representative

Canton Universal Fair Group Ltd
Room C2/3F, No.4-6 Clifford Mansion Podium Building, Mingyue Road 1, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou 510600,China

Tel: +86-20-8732 9598| Fax: 0086-20-8735 3919 |Mob: +0086-15914398101
E-mail : interwine@faircanton.com | Msn:interwine_faircanton@hotmail.com | Skype:faircanton |
Website: www.faircanton.com 、www.interwine.org


meiprojettut (meiprojettut)
Place Register member
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Register 2010/2/2
Oficial Titke Wine Man
        Time: 2010/2/2 22:33:40 9    

La brasserie des Gabariers is a company based in France specialized in manufacturing aromatized (cognac) beer. The company, which is already exporting in Canada and Quebec, is looking to enter the Chinese market.

We are seeking agents; to help us develop and introduce the product on the new market.

If you are interested and you have any proposals please contact me


Eiswein (german_wine)
Place Register member
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Register 2010/2/23
Oficial Titke Wine Man
        Time: 2010/2/23 18:06:34 10    

Hello Everyone,
Germany is one of the oldest country for wine production. Especially the Icewine and Riesling are very famous and welcome. Our family wine factories are located alone the beautiful River-Rhein. We have a brand range of products with different characters. We are looking for a chance to bring our wines and wine culture into China.
pls contact me: hding@gmx.net


mimi (NeoD2)
Place Register member
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Register 2010/10/5
Oficial Titke Wine Man
        Time: 2010/10/13 14:05:59 11    

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to look for agents in China who would like to import United States red wines. If you are please contact me at neo.tu@e-gcinc.com

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,
Neo D. Tu

chaney (chaney)
Place Register member
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Register 2011/1/7
Oficial Titke Wine Man
        Time: 2011/1/7 17:51:22 12    

We are Château Aney a prestigious Winery producing red wines in Haut Médoc since 1850.
Our Cru Bourgeois is several times awarded Gold or Silver Medal.
We can propose also a second wine and a generic Bordeaux.
We are looking for importers in different regions of China for a long term relationship.
Please contact:
Jean Aurélien BERGER-Export Manager
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