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  * Feefback TopicFinding a wine agent in China [ Reply 2  |  Examine 12401 ]

vasilto (vasilto)
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Register 2011/2/16
Oficial Titke Wine Man
        Time: 2011/2/16 22:46:08 1    

Dear All,

My name is Andon Todorov and I represent Rose Valley Winery P.C. I am seeking a wine agent in China to distribute red and dry wine. Our wine is from Bulgaria and Macedonia and is high quality on acceptable price. We have more than half a million litters of wine ready to export. We can secure supply via ship to Shanghai.

For price-list and more information write on e-mail atodorov_plovdiv@yahoo.com
You can write on Russian or English.

Thank you

Summer Liu (lalahuhu1177)
Place Super chief editor
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Register 2011/2/17
Oficial Titke Wine Guest
        Time: 2011/2/17 10:27:24 2    

dear Andon:
we advise you to put your information at our website's Business Center to do the matchmaking: http://www.wines-info.com/business/zsCenter.aspx.
and you can also regist to be our VIP,then you can browse our wine agent list.
thank you for using our website...
all the best!
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