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An analysis of the wine consumption in Chinese market by Johnson Qu01/06/2005  

A. An analysis to the consumption

a. The consumption of China is 300 thousand tons in 1999, and it reached 137767 thousand tons in 2012.

b. At present, the average consumption is 0.31 liter/person in China. This data has been increased 55% in latest six years. But the average consumption of the world is 6 liters/person and it is 60 liters for European. And as you know, there are 14 hundred million people in China. Everybody can imagine what a great potential the Chinese wine market has.

c. One of an investigating report by Foodstuff Association of France in 2002 said that the increasing rate of wine consumption in China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Chinese Taipei etc areas is much higher than other areas and rank the first position all over the world.

d. The wine consumption is just 1.2% to beer and importing wine consumption is just 10% to domestic one in China.

e. The wine consumption is less than beer and distilled spirit and in a quite lower level in China. It's because the consumptive habit is different between oriental and occidental. Another reason is the unit price of wine is higher for Chinese consumers.

B. An analysis to the consumptive action

a. The wine consumption occupies about 0.9% in all liquor consume.

b. Most of wine consumption is congregate one in China: such as duty party, family party and concourse party consumption. Only 10% of them belong to their personal consumptive habit.

c. At present time, unit price of importing wine is higher to Chinese consumers. Most of Chinese consumers don't drink importing wine except a little number of rich or middle class. The low consumptive level makes them buy domestic low price wine. And most of domestic brand are baddish quality and half grape juice wine in which are brewed by the little wineries.

d. Usually consumers drink wine in restaurant, bar, nightclub and Disco hall. But people always buy wine in supermarket or shopping center for present gifts each other.

e. Shopping intentions of wine consumers are divided as follows: 44% of consumers choice brand of wine (most of them are domestic brands), 28% of them choice price, 16% choice taste, 8% choice original and 4% choice picking.

f. At present time, most of Chinese wine consumers don't know how to enjoy the taste of wine as well as they don't know how to enjoy the taste of beer twenty years ago. By the way, most of wine consumers even don’t know how to discriminate deferent between quality and baddish wine now.

g. Hot consumptive season is in autumn and winter especially during the time of Chinese traditional Spring Festival.

h. Now more and more consumers enjoy dry wine. Consumption of dry wine is about 40% of total wine. Therein the dry wine consumption, 80% belong to red wine and 20% to white one.