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How to apply for "Chinese Registered Label"? by Chevalier Wang02/06/2005  

Wine Importing Enterprises must get the registration form at the local Commodity Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, and prepare for the following application documents:


(1). Enterprises Business Certificate;


(2). Wine Quality Inspection and Quarantine Report;  


Enterprises should have the sample of imported wine inspected by National Commodity Inspection Bureau who will issue an inspection report.


(3). The origin and copy of the winery's “Production Certificate” and its translation.


This should be issued by the local related authority or organization.


4.  The origin and copy of the winery's “Sanitation Certificate” 


This should be issued by the local related authority or department.


5.  The origin and copy of manufacturing factory's “Wine Manufacturing Process”


Only brief description of wine manufacturing process sealed by the company is needed.


6.  Chinese Label Design Samples.  


Due to the custom, Chinese translation of the origin foreign label should be attached on the Chinese label and Chinese letterform should be bigger than foreign ones. Samples must be the same size as the origin and can be colour-printed.  


After getting all the necessary materials ready, wine importing enterprises can apply to National Commodity Inspection Bureau through the local bureau. “Chinese Registered Label Permission Certificate” will be issued for each wine respectively after granted. If more labels are going to be applied, its Chinese names should not be the same. Besides, the imported wine should be renamed if the applied Chinese name already exists.