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What are the procedures of Customs Clearance for imported wine ? by Chevalier Wang02/06/2005  

The Customs Clearance procedures for food and drinks are Commodity Inspection  first, followed by Customs Declaration. 

The Commodity Inspection for declared goods includes: package accordance with the standard, Chinese Registered Label Completion,goods documents audition such as Sanitary Certificate, Origin Certificate and Quality Certificate etc., issued by export country. If the wine is supported by wooden package, Fumigation Certificate should be presented for audition as well. And inspection of the goods refers to random inspection of 0.1% of the total amount. The purpose of inspection is to check whether the product accord with Chinese import food sanitary standards and the rest of random samples will be stored for file. 

After Commodity Inspection, enterprises should declare tax to the Customs, of which procedures are the same as other import goods. Special attention should be drawn to the examination of wine’s CIF price. 

  • Posted by [Maria] TIME :03/12/2007
  • It wasnt that helpful for me either, is possible to have a more detail information? thanks a lot in advance if someone could help Maria
  • Posted by [Filipe] TIME :20/11/2007
  • I must confess that the 'etc' is this explanation is not helpful at all.