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How to identify the imported wine's quality / price ratio ? by Chevalier Wang02/06/2005  

After receiving foreign wine samples and quotations, how to identify whether this wine is worth importing or it has high quality / price ratio? As wine can be not simply analyzed by scientific equipments only, quality judgment can only be made by people's sensory organs. 

So it's better to consult those experienced wine tasters for the quality / price ratio of an unfamiliar foreign wine. Tax, wholesale price and retailing price can all be calculated based on the wineries  quotations. If the retailing price is much lower than its counterparts in the market, then its quality / price ratio is high and worth importing. 

Experience is vitally important for the judgment of wine's quality / price ratio. And generally speaking, the quality / price ratio of Italian and Spanish wines of the middle and low level are better than those from France and Germany. 

Besides, when judging the wine samples, special attention should be made to the bottling date (whether in the best period for drinking) and the temperature of wine and decanter the wine when needed, or else inaccurate sense may be possible.