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Do you only place our wine on your web site or do you actively go out and contact potential distributors? by Wei Tianji10/11/2006  

It's not good to put only your wines on the website because it's impossible to attract buyers with so limitted information. The buyers want to get information as many as possible when they visit a website. More wines will attract more buyers, thus you have more opportunities. Though there will be competition between you and other wineries, you still have many chances because there are thousands of them seeking foreign wines. What you need is to create awareness to many Chinese wine importers in a short time.

We will place your wines on the website, and we will also go out to meet buyers. We have asked our customers to sent us samples because we will hold a tasting event at the late November for them.

Being the biggest bilingual English-Chinese wine website in the world, we are the best choice for your advertisement. Our website has a column named Merchant Center For Importation Of Wine (, where you can present your company profiles and wines to Chinese market, so that it is more convenient for Chinese wine importers and agents to find you and choose you for business cooperation. It is the only place on the Internet for advertisement of foreign wines import to China, therefore it attract the most Chinese wine importers' attention.

In the Merchant Center For Importation Of Wine, you can present your  scale of operation, company history, sale and export, features of growing district, grape varieties, grade, technical parameters, output of a vintage, specific characters, prize titles, FOB price, photos, business condition and qualification, your address, telephone and fax numbers, website, email, MSN, contact person, etc.