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Solutions for quality orientation in China Wine Classification System by Stacier Wei06/12/2010  


The classification system was for the first time in 1999 brought up by Qichang Guo and Songquan Guo during the meeting of China Vintage Industry Guild, and then, enhanced by content in Hefei 2000 and 2001. A fuller body, compared to the previous ones, was developed at Penglai meeting in August 2004.

Descriptions of the newly updated solutions are released by media.  

There are three classes in the system: Teji (superfine) wine, Youji (fine) wine, and Zuocan (table) wine. Two of the codes needed to be noticed, are that 1, sugar is not allowed to be added into Teji wine; 2, dry marinated substances of Teji wine is to higher than 2g/L and Youji wine higher than 1g/L.

Below the table shows method of quality orientation that was publicized this August. The numbers give indication of quality orientation,higher is better. The table indicates two important items: 1, Sugar content; 2, senses and appraise. Generally speaking, the quality orientation system enable wine enterprises and related administrated departments  classify wine products more easily.                                      

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