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How to do positioning and analysis for your products

Bon-wine Culture Consulting Company by 04/12/2011  

1. Be familiar to Chinamarket's regular and wine's prices, varieties, and cost performances there.

Compare and analyze your products' competition priority on quality, sense, package, prices and production inChinamarket


2. Judge the feasibility, choose and improve varieties to enter intoChinamarket


3. Work out the costs on investment attraction and market promotion

As for the foreign wineries , it is difficult for them to do the said three factors' work, though they invite for Chinese in their county or ask professional consulting  companies to do it for them. But it also exists many errors, besides cost of consultation is very high. So, we advise you to invite Chinese experts on wine market or ask professional consulting companies inChinato do it, such as Bon-Wine Culture Consulting Co.Ltd.