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How to seek for agents?

Bon-wine Culture Consulting Company by 04/10/2012  

i. Attending the wine exposition in China

Although this way is one of the most common ways for the foreign wineries, it is seldom successful as it was used only. We suggest that it should be necessary for the foreign wineries to think over when participate the professional exposition and do a serials of prepared work for recruiting business.


ii. Attending the wine product special performance promoting meeting and recruiting meeting inChinathat are organized by the foreign industrial association.

Although the effect of this way is good in theory, it depends on the prepared work that was done by the organizer. The effect of this way is related with the planning and organizing of the recruiting business activities, the size of the wineries, the polarization, the invited people, the choose of the place and time, the cost and so on. If the planning and organizing are not good and the organized company has no experience on wine, the effect will not good.


iii. Issuing the recruiting business information on the web to recruit business.

This way is low at cost and risk. Whether it could succeed to recruit the business depends on the country's fame of the enterprise, how adequate of the recruiting business information, the quantity and quality/price ratio of the product, how well of the person who do the product promotion on the web know the Chinese market, the object that is chosen to promote, the style to chat and the person's ability.


iv. Consulting with and recruiting business by introduction of the business partner and the friend.

This way is easy to succeed and the purpose is definite. It is needed that the friend that you are consulted on knows you and the imported wine enterprise well. The imported wine enterprise should accord with the requirements of the No.10 item (the basic requirements of the general agent) Owing to the person's factor and the intermediator, this way is easy to communicate.


v. Entrusting a professional consulting company to recruit business.

This way saves trouble and money. The efficiency and successful rate are high. Due to the foreign winery does not know and trust onChina's professional consulting company, some of them just entrust the domestic consulting company to recruit business inChina. Compared toChina's wine market consulting company, the foreign wine consulting company does not knowChina's wine market well. The recruiting business period is long, the fee is high and the successful rate is low.