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The preparation of doing business in China

Bon-wine Culture Consulting Company by 11/12/2012  

i. The introduction of the product and enterprise

The foreign enterprise that wants to recruit business in Chinamust prepare the introduction of the product and the enterprise in Chinese; this introduction should be presswork or CD.


ii. Writing the recruiting business book

The quality of the recruiting business book plays an important role in the process of the recruiting business. It should pay attention to some points as follows:


1.Expounding the view and the plan ofChina's wine market in short.

2. The purpose of recruiting business is definite. It includes the recruiting business range, object and the style of the cooperation.

3. The introduction should be clear. It should include the trait and superiority of the enterprise, production region, production quantity, the product variety range and price range. The recruiting book should give the reader a general effect rather than narrate every product.

4. The basic requirement for cooperation

5. The policy of benefit, encouragement and support.


iii. Doing a Chinese website.

A clear Chinese page layout is not only good for seeking for the help of the cooperation partner, but also good for the market promotion. The agent, distributor, final end client, customer and wine fan could know the enterprise and product direct. The enterprise that has the Chinese page layout embodiments the strength and the confidence to the Chinese market. This work could chooseChina's company to do, translate, take charge to hire a web space (Hiring a web space inChinais convenient for improving the browse rate, vindicate and update. The cost is lower than that in the native country.


iv. Choosing the suitable recruiting business style

Whether the style of the recruiting business is suitable or not determines the efficiency of the recruiting business. If use the eyeless way, it will not only waste the time and energy, but also much money. It should follow one's situation and the eighth point on basis to choose one or two ways to use.


v. Confirming the recruiting business object

In order to reduce the risk, it is necessary to confirm the suitable recruiting business object. It should set down the range of the recruiting business object after the market positioning of product. And then it should choose the cooperated partner according with the agent’s basic requirement. Follow this way could save the cost and make the purpose definite.