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Imported wine market shows the Matthew Effect by Stacier Wei10/01/2013  

At present, thousands of brands are activated in imported wine market of Guangdong province, among which original imported bottled wine shares 90%, bulk wine 7% and the other 3%. These wines are from France, the US, Spain, Australia, South Africa, Italy, Chile, Portugal, etc, and they all have relatively stable market portion and constant target groups. Over 2,000 brands achieve annual sale of over-million Yuan. 

The manager of an Australian wine importer the reporter had interview with tell the reporter that, wine import of Guangdong grow in genera, yet amplification slows down compared to the previous years. Canvassing business orders has been not an easy job for any wine importer for 2012.   

A wine seller in Foshan also says that, imported wine business doesn't seem so prosperous as it should be for many vintners. Imported wine distributors face not only the stern situation of sales but also the stricter-and-stricter examination system by authority.

Different from the "growing" distributors, the grown-up distributors assume a fiery-hot posture. An area sales manager of Castel says that more and more consumers choose to buy big brand wine products because consumers start to realize big brand name is reliable and ensures their benefits.

So in a word, imported wine market shows the Matthew Effect--the bad gets worses and the good gets better.


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