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Lather of Lafite dream collapses by Stacier Wei14/01/2013  

As the reporter conducts interviews with a few vintners in Jinan, he is told that for wine business of Jinan, or even for the whole country, a huge a mount of capital is taken up by stocking. Taking the example of Carruades de Lafite , it is sold at 700 Yuan per bottle in 2009, 8,000 in 2011 and now 4,000. The reporter discovers that many wine stores have already closed business; many distributors are knotted by storing-up.

At present, the hottest wine sales are at the price level of btw 100-300 Yuan per bottle. Jinan has an market share of 500 million Yuan to the whole country, thereinto the proportion of domestic wine to imported wine is 6 to 4.


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