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Who is a qualified general agent?

Bon-wine Culture Consulting Company by 11/01/2013  

It is difficult for the foreign winery to find an agent in China. They often cooperate with theChina's partner, with no earnest understanding and communication. So, there will be many difficulties in the cooperation process. Those difficulties make the foreign winery into dilemma. So, the foreign winery must follows some requirements when choose aChina's cooperated partner.


a) The imported wine enterprise must have the main body qualification

s enterprise that wants to engage in importing wine must have the trade and business, duty affair for management. Besides, it must have the alcohol manage qualification, imported alcohol manage certification and sanitation certification in the registered business range.


b) Have some fund

The agent needs lots of money to exploit the market at the beginning of managing wine. Besides the product turn over fund, the charge includes the polarization of the product, sale promotion fee, final end for entering market fee and so on. If the general agent use the way of the self-manage final end sale, its fund engrosses quantity is more than 100%-150% of the annual turnover in the first two years. If the general agent use the way of the distribution, its fund engrosses quantity is 50%-100% of the annual turnover in the first two years. So, it is unable to popularize largely in the market without lots of funds.


c) Having the experience of beverage sale promotion and sale channel

We do not suggest the agent should have the experience of beverage sale promotion and sale channel. Owing to most of the wine promotion experience and sale channel are same, the foreign winery can try to enlarge the recruiting business object to beverage sale businessman.


d) Having some honesty

Honesty is not only the basic for long time cooperation, but also the key for communication. To scrutinize partner's honesty can judge by investigation and business discussion.


e) Having the ability of exploiting the whole country's market

To some large, product specification more and purpose sale quantity large foreign wineries, they should chooseChina's agent whose size and strength corresponds to them. Those agents have the ability of exploiting the market. To some small foreign wineries, it is not necessary for them to pursue the large agent.


f) They can understand, communicate and cooperate with the foreign wineries

Although the foreign wineries have made the strategy of enteringChina, they need the cooperation ofChina's partner. The foreign wineries should take pains to look intoChina's agent's idea and plan in order to reach the same opinion.