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Ningbo domestic wine market shows declining tendency by Stacier Wei18/02/2013  

Ningbo has very good atmosphere for wine import. Though the domestic wine takes up 70% of the market, and it has shown a declining tendency.

According to incomplete statistics, Ningbo wine market capacity per year is less than a billion Yuan. Changyu, the biggest Chinese domestic wine brand, accords for 300 million Yuan of annual sale. Weilong for 200-300 million and less than 100 million for the other domestic wine brands.

Changyu follows the course of mid-to-high-end market. By working with the famous French wine company--Castel, Changyu has a good brand image and product line. Now it operates in full-channel, with relatively stand-out channels of group-purchasing and supermarket sales. Though Changyu has very powerful control over the market, its distributors and dealers earn less and less profit space and that causes the declining of their positivity.

Weilong is the second domestic wine brand in Ningbo. Its general brand building is not as good as Changyu's, and it goes with mid-to-low-end market and performs better in circulation channels and catering terminals.

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