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Shenzhen imported wine market gains momentum by Yang Fengyi 27/03/2013  

As an important city for imports, Shenzhen imported wine market has certain advantages. Officials in the governing bodies of Shenzhen wine market break down the numbers for us.


Noting that the Shenzhen wine market had a early exposure to foreign products, Cong Riguang, the general manager of Shenzhen Wine Association said, ‘The imported wine market of Shenzhen grew tenfold between 1980 and 1996, from 20 million bottles to 2 billion bottles. Now it accounts for nearly one-tenth of the nation’s total volume and over half of Shenzhen’s overall wine sales.’


According to Xie Bao, the president of Alcoholic Drinks Industry Association of Shenzhen, most wines imported in Shenzhen are from new world regions like US and Chile. They are more affordable and more suitable for Chinese’s taste.


Yao Chonghong, the manager of Drinks Department of Shenzhen Market Governing Bureau said that there are 800 companies import wine and over 1000 retailers.

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