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Changchun retail wine market back on track by Yang Fengyi 07/04/2013  

China’s legislative efforts to reduce government spending is explicit in 2012 which have sharply decreased sales of imported wine by government hospitality sector, a major part of China wine imports. Importers have thus been forced to return to the old fashion way—retailing.


An employee working at Walmart’s wine counter in Changchun city, Jilin Province, told us that many wines have been added to their selection since the Chinese New Year. And most recently two more made it their shelf, one from France, the other Chile.


One importer based in Changchun Street said, their main sales channel is group purchase. However that is getting harder and harder and the singleness of business model has rendered them vulnerable to changing circumstances. He told us that he recently has been seriously thinking about pushing his wines to the retail channel as well.

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