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How to sent samples

Bon-wine Culture Consulting Company by 14/06/2013  

i. Delivery company:  It is better to choose international delivery companies, such as UPS, DHL, and so on. They can service for the whole procedures and decrease changing chains; meanwhile it is easy to track at any time. Moreover, as for the large delivery companies, they own a large quantity of business and are familiar to China CIQ. You can trust them to deal with when you encounter problems on import duty.

ii. Damage-prevention package: when you deliver fragile wine samples, you should use damage-prevention package.

iii. Duty on wine samples:  You should also pay tariffs value added taxes and excises. Please decide who pay for taxes before delivery. If there is a sign of "taxes for consignor", delivery company will impose taxes to foreign wineries, or the importers will pay for it. May agents and wineries have been composed much higher tariffs than goods' real value. So, in order not to encounter this kind of troubles, you can go with following methods:

a) Do not deliver too many samples one time, or customs may treat it as presents or  wines for consumption . It is appropriate to deliver about 10 bottles one time or 3 bottles per specification.

b) Attach label of "simple" on delivery bill and packages, and sign out wholesale prices of each bottle.

c) Generally, customs' evaluating workers do not know wine's real value, they may think imported wine belongs to top-graded consumable. According to their experience, they may valuate them at retail prices that they saw in supermarkets. In their view, wines that have exquisite package and come from western advanced countries should be in high prices. So, you can place bottle labels, packages, and sample wine respectively. Without any exquisite package on the bottle, you can sign its price simply. In case there is any argument with customs' worker, it may make them change their origin though when they see this kind of situation after opening the cases.

Ask help from delivery company. You can provide original letters that include quoted prices to delivery companies, and ask them to deal with it for you.