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Give a Chinese name to your wine

Bon-wine Culture Consulting Company by 21/11/2014  

1. Wines are branded as their grape variety or winery's name; you should brand them as their corresponding Chinese translations

2. Ones branded as origins' name, you should brand it as their corresponding Chinese translations

3. Ones own their creative brands: you should brand them as their corresponding transliterations in order to make the pronunciations of foreign brands and corresponding Chinese brands harmonious.

In order to make your products' name not only listen well but also can stand for your own characteristics of f wineries and production region, wineries and agents should survey carefully. We advise you to design a new brand that can combine characters of foreign winery's and Chinese facts, except those that have been famous for their traditional brands. You should create a brand with the characters that its name is easy to remember, its design can reflect production region's specialty, and it can give people an impressive and beautiful impression. It is harmful to your market promotion to translate foreign brand's name into Chinese directly, for it is very difficult to remember. Herein, we suggest you should not do so.