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How to cooperate with Chinese agents to do market promotion?

Bon-wine Culture Consulting Company by 07/11/2015  

1. Supply latest news of wineries in time and some successful cases in other

2. Supply products' background materials for agents' propaganda, such as introduction of origin's advantages, regional culture and habitants, historical stories, winemaker, introduction of your enterprise's history, origin of wine's name, suggestions, and so on. They will be useful to make consumers understand your wine. Supply some pictures and video materials to agents for their propaganda.

3. Participate some large-scale promotion activities held by Chinese agents: It will make regional agents more confidants to dispatch personnel (principal of enterprise, business manager, winemaker and so on) to participate large-scale promotion activities, investment attraction conference.

4. Participate some wine enjoyment conferences held by authorized institutions in China. We advise wineries to supply samples and elect qualified wine to participate some wine enjoyment conferences held by authorized institutions inChinafor wineries' expenses. It will be very useful to agents' market promotion to get awards.

5. Communicate with agents in time to solve some problems on technology and provide with some helps in your capacity

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