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How to transport the wines

Bon-wine Culture Consulting Company by 26/03/2015  

1. You should choose transportation style, book transportation space and appoint a freight company in advance. We use truck transportation in domestic areas, striding continents' transportation by shipment and airlift. Generally, goods of large scale are transported by shipment, while a little scale of expensive or top-graded wine by airlift. You should survey and consider transportation style and agent before signing importing contract, and it is better to book transportation space as soon as possible. It will affect shipping, fund circulation and delay goods' delivery, if you choose or change transportation style temporarily. Especially in the hot summer, it is easy to incur wine's aging for high temperature when goods are delayed in docks.

2. Try to avoid suffering from high temperature. Wine is brewed with activated characteristic, so you should try to avoid high temperature in the preservation period. When you choose transportation styles of trucking and shipment, you should pay attention to avoiding high temperature's effect. You can ask shipping agent to place goods under water line to keep away from heat origins of boilers and engines. And it is better to choose nonstop scheduled ships to avoid aperiodic and ones that ship many bulk cargos and will stop to unload goods in hot areas. It should be good to use temperature-stable container.

3. Insure transportation insurance in time. Bottle wines are fragile goods, so insurance is very important, especially as to the expensive wine.

4. In order to avoid delays when wine may degenerate for the high temperature at the stage of customs' application, please make sure your corresponding importer has completed relative importing procedures, materials for application for customs, needed materials for Chinese brand's application, and relative capital items.