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5th China·Guizhou International Alcoholic Beverage Exposition 2015 (September 9-12)

by Yang Fengyi 12/06/2015  


Date: September 9-12

Venue: Guiyang International Eco-Conference Center


Chinese Ministry of Commerce and Guizhou Provincial People's Government will co-sponsor The 5th China•Guizhou International Alcoholic Beverages Expo (Hereinafter referred to as The Expo)with the approval from the State Council of China. The expo aims at building up a platform for the global alcohol industries with the theme of Cooperation on Global Drinks. It also opens a door of Guizhou to the world to show the province's environment, resources and potential for development as well as the progress of Guizhou's alcohol industry.


The major alcohol drink producers and traders from France, Italy, Australia, Spain, the US, New Zealand and South Africa as well as many sellers and buyers from home and abroad have accepted the invitation to the Expo. There will be 3000 exhibition booths at international standard, including 2500 for Chinese companies and 500 for foreign companies. There will be 8 exhibition chambers, adding up to 80,000 square meters of total area. Chamber 1 exhibits brand alcohols, Chamber 2 is for show of foreign countries' images, Chamber 3 is for Chinese provinces' images; Chamber 4 is for Guizhou's image, Chamber 5 and 6 exhibit Spirits, Chamber 7 wines and beers and Chamber 8 is to show alcohol derivatives. The Expo will organize 1500 exhibitors, 6000 professional buyers including 600 foreign ones. It is planned to sign a number of trade contracts and investment projects on alcohols.


There will also stage series of events during the expo, i.e. the Expo Goodwill Ambassador Competition and Award Ceremony, symphony concert, exhibition of famous artists' works of calligraphy, paintings and poems, alcohol-related enterprises promotion activities, solicitation of songs for the Expo, forum on development of alcohol industry and a stars concert named as Cool Guiyang in Colorful Guizhou.


In 2011, the exhibition area was 44,000 square meters. 820 enterprises, 3000 exhibitors and 5374 buyers attended the expo. The visitors exceeded 200,000 person-shifts. During the expo, 1867 trade contracts were signed, reaching the volume of RMB 49.74 billion. The volume of import and export contracts between Chinese enterprises and foreign companies was nearly RMB2 billion, of which Guizhou enterprises was RMB1.5 billion.



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