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Xiamen Fine Wine Show 2015(Nov.19-21) by 12/08/2015  


Date: 19-21 NOVEMBER.2015


Venue: Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center


On the first day the exhibition will be open to trade professionals only, the last two days also individual consumers, who are the real wine lovers, are allowed in.


Xiamen Fine Wine Show 2015 will be organized by Industrial Promotions International (I.P.I.) from the Netherlands, in partnership with Beijing Partnerworld Exhibition Co. They are responsible for the day to day organisation of Xiamen Fine Wine Show.


The unique strength of Xiamen Fine Wine Show is that the exhibition will again be co-organized by the China National Enterprises Association for Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, a department of the Ministry of Commerce in China, a very influential body within the Chinese Government.


Are you seeking to develop your business and boost sales? Do you want to meet with international exhibitors with a wide array of product offerings? Then you must plan a visit to Xiamen Fine Wine Show 2015. It surely works for you!


November is the golden time for wine purchasers to meet the demand of Christmas, Calendar New Year and Chinese New Year, and to seek new channels for business. Act now to exhibit at the second Xiamen Fine Wine Show and position your company in front of an influential and exclusive audience.
• Meet the world leaders face-to-face and do business at the highest level
• Meet the top wine experts, learn about the markets and witness new consumer trends
• Expand your business network
• Build privileged business relations, enhance your product portfolio
• Connect and share experience and expertise with industry leaders
• Discuss partnerships and take advantage of the best opportunities
• Compare, taste and select wines you are looking for
• Benefit from the know-how of the greatest experts
• Gain a better feel for your markets
• Develop your wine knowledge and improve your tasting technique

Distribution is the key to success in China. At present, it is ad hoc. Recent economic growth has improved the distribution networks, especially around the major urban areas, such as Beijing, with the construction of roads, highways and infrastructure. For exporters who wish to enter the Chinese market, it is best to find a trustworthy importer who specialises in the wine industry. Building and maintaining good relationships with this distributor, as well as regular visits to China, will be the key to establishing a successful business partnership. Visits will be beneficial to understanding the Chinese market and the distribution network involved.

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