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Procedures of customs clearance

Bon-wine Culture Consulting Company by 14/09/2015  

Destination procedures of imported wine is goods' examination at first, then go through customs. If you cannot go through goods' examination, goods can't go through customs. So you should provide with other needed materials. If your goods are disqualified, they will be sent back to origins.


Workers may check and exam the applied goods in the district of goods' supervision: exam whether the package confirm to standard, whether materials for Chinese brand's application are complete or not. Besides, they may look through all the documents of goods, including hygiene immunity certificate that is provided with by exported country, origin certificate, quality guarantee, and so on. As for the wine that is packed by Bracket, if it is used wooden Bracket, they will check whether you hold a "distilling certificate". On the other hand, they will pick out one in a thousand of goods to exam whether they confirm to imported country's food hygiene standard, while other test samples will be kept for future use.

After goods' examination, you should apply for rate paying. Its procedures are the same to that of other goods' importation. A point you should pay attention to is that workers will check out whether your applied FTD prices accord with goods' real value. As for it, you should prepare sufficient materials to make workers trust the ground of your prices. Or, you will get losses when workers do not trust your applied prices and price goods for you. Of course, given prices of them will much higher than yours.