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How to distinguish wine's cost performance

Bon-wine Culture Consulting Company by 04/03/2016  

How do you distinguish wine's cost performance (definition of it is in article 9 section one of Chapter 6). Only can we distinguish by our senses and get conclusion at last, for we cannot do quantitative analysis by scientific apparatus simply. Cost price is a comparative concept; reference groups of prices and quality are the whole groups in Chinamarket, not its performances in domestic and other countries. 

It is difficult to distinguish wine's cost performance for the foreign wineries that are not familiar to the imported prices of wine or retail prices inChinamarket on a whole. So, it should be better to consult professional consulting company and ones who do well in wine's appraisal. They can calculate prices after taxes, wholesale prices and retail prices comparing with familiar corresponding commodities in the market. Or, they can help you compare yours with other brands' FOB prices. If your retail prices are much lower than that of corresponding compare ones, it appears that your production cost performance is well. The lower your price is, the better your products' performance is. 

This kind of work mainly depend on experiences, it is much easier to get conclusion when you appreciate many brands of wine inChinamarket.