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China raid uncovers 14,000 bottles of fake Penfolds wine by YAEL BRENDER20/11/2017  

The vulnerability of Australia's wine industry to counterfeiting has been exposed by a raid in China which uncovered more than 14,000 bottles labelled as being Penfolds' top-shelf products but filled with cheap substitute.
Parent company Treasury Wine Estates lodged an official complaint in August, which came to fruition on Wednesday police arrested thirteen people in connection with the scam after a three-month investigation.
Bottles with fake Rawson's Retreat and Bin 128 labels - as well as iconic top-of-the-line Grange labels that can retail for upwards of a thousand dollars - were being sold on Taobao for as little as $40.

Shanghai police have arrested and detained 13 suspects accused of selling fake Penfolds wine

Police in Shanghai have seized over 14,000 bottles of fake premium Australian Penfolds wine

Alibaba - the company that owns the consumer-to-consumer sales site Taobao - tipped off the authorities, the Herald Sun reported.

Subsequently, police discovered about 2000 bottles of wine in a Shanghai warehouse belonging to a Mr Dai.

Authorities also found 10,000 more bottles in two separate warehouses in the port city of Xiamen, owned by Mr Dai's supplier Mr Su.

Fairfax Media reported that police located another 2000 bottles during the arrests of five online retailers who were selling to pubs, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.