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Yellow Tail Wine Push into China to be Led by Paper Stone Scissors as Creative Agency by Diana Gadong13/12/2017  


Australian creative agency Paper Stone Scissors has been appointed by Casella Family Brands to localize the Yellow Tail brand for Chinese consumers.

Paper Stone Scissors will be responsible for the strategic, digital and creative development and production of the 2018 campaign in China.

The agency has worked with companies such as Coca-Cola, Herman Miller and the Hilton Group to localize their brands into the Chinese market.

“We are thrilled to be taking this iconic Australian brand to China. We’ve been working in China for nearly a decade and been witness to a dramatic sophistication of the market in this time,” said Atia Cader, creative director and founder at Paper Stone Scissors.

“We are excited to work with Paper Stone Scissors to grow our brand in China – a unique and complex market,” said Libby Nutt, general manager, marketing and export sales at Casella Family Brands. “Not only have Paper Stone Scissors demonstrated a great understanding of the Chinese market and consumer, but they have also demonstrated how to successfully bring the Yellow Tail brand to life in China. We look forward to seeing the positive results of the Yellow Tail campaign in 2018 and beyond.”