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Australian wine: Trying to sway China’s ‘red’ army by Herald Sun15/03/2017  

IT IS a truth, universally -acknowledged, that the affluent Chinese, in possession of disposable income, must be in want of a wine.

At least, that’s the plot line Australian-listed wine producer and exporter Dawine is banking on — and it’s stress-testing its online ordering platform to cater for the expected Sino rush.

According to research house Wine Intelligence, China now has 48 million upper-middle class people who drink imported wines, up from just 19 million in 2010.

The figure is expected to grow to 160 million in another 10 years.

And with the Asian powerhouse now the biggest export market for Australian wines — exports to mainland China surged 51 per cent to $474 million last year — Dawine is -aiming to be the portal of choice when fresh shipments are ordered.

But as infant formula producer Bellamy’s Australia has discovered, identifying China as the next big thing and turning a buck from it are separate matters.

Given China’s love for all things red — the colour symbolises good fortune — it is no surprise that 93 per cent of all wines consumed there are red, too.