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China Int'l Alcoholic Drinks Expo 2017 continues to build high-end quality platform by Editor: Wang Fan24/03/2017  

China International Alcoholic Drinks Expo 2017 is drawing to a close. As the only international professional liquor exposition approved by the Ministry of Commerce, it has been successfully held for seven sessions since 2008. It is reported that this year's CIADE with the theme "Toast China, Taste the world" has helped build a more international and modern high-end boutique wine fair. It has great significance for promoting development of the liquor market.

On March 18, CIADE officially kicked off. According to organizers, the 2017 CIADE has been greatly improved compared to last year, in terms of scale, professional level as well as quality and market influence.

CIADE includes 36 countries and regions and more than 600 exhibitors this year, nearly 190 more than 2016. There are nearly 20,000 exhibitors of all kinds including professional buyers, distributors and brand operators. It also includes over 1,000 domestic and foreign brands. Song Shuyu pointed out that CIADE has shown great improvement in quality as well as quantity of exhibitors compared with last year. Besides, the expo area has also been expanded to include booths in the connection hall, which is one of the big changes this year.

CIADE supports the principal of "high-end and high-quality." Luzhou International Alcoholic Drinks Expo is well-known in both China and the world. Only a limited number of wine enterprises can attend the expo as exhibitors from each province, while limited access also applies to international brands and products. The expo has done much to enhance efforts of internationalization.

According to reports exhibits are from top domestic and foreign enterprises, including several large offerings of distilled spirits and wines.

As a gathering of many domestic and foreign brands in the wine industry, CIADE attracts not only exhibitors, but also consumers and wine lovers, which enables effective communication between platform and users. According to Song Shuyu, the outcomes of interaction with online customers is quite obvious. "The Creative Packaging Contest and the Selection of Qingzhuo Award got millions of votes on the Internet. Before, hundreds of thousands of people participated, far less than the three million this year. It means online and offline interaction has achieved higher efficiency through Internet technology. "

This year's CIADE includes 29 activities in total. On the afternoon of March 18, the 2017 China International Wine Development Forum was held for the world's top wine experts to discuss industry development. This morning, the National Sommelier Competition, "Qingzhuo Award"and Creative Wine Packaging Contest Awards was held alongside the China Wine Business Summit.

In addition, at the Luzhou Laojiao "Baitiao Cup" Chinese liquor cocktail World Cup conference of China Wine Association Cocktail Professional Committee, Chinese wine association vice president and secretary general Song said: "China Wine Association will establish Cocktail Professional Committee this year, to integrate cocktail industry resources, continue to carry out cocktail exploration practice, and create cocktail classics, so as to carry forward plans to run the distilled spirits business efficiently."

Song added that cocktail activities are the biggest highlight of unique Chinese distilled spirits and that exploring foreign consumption patterns is a must.

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