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Bon-wine Culture Consulting Company by 04/07/2017  

A) It is important to promote "national brands"jointly

At present, there are few people who really know wine. So, it is very important to improve products' fame and popularity. We can't depend products' quality and good cost performance to promote them alone. As for the middle and little scale companies, it is very difficult for them to improve their brands' image and popularity. In order to improve your brand image, we give you following suggestions. Firstly, it is very important to let consumers know the origin country. We can often listen to this kind of sentences, "Do America,South Africa,Argentina,New Zealandalso produce wine?" and "Wine fromBordeaux,Franceis the best!", and so on. We can see that the national effect is so important. Only does the country own a good fame of producing high quality wine, wines from that country can sell well abroad.

At present, there are many varieties of wine from many foreign countries. But onlyFranceandAustraliahas gotten a good popularity by domestic consumers. We can see the main reason is that the enterprises only pay attention to the own products' promotion and have neglected to introduce the wine industry history and advantages of their own country. The self-propaganda owns low credit in domestic consumers' eyes. With the narrow area of promotion, they can't make their national brands famous inChinaat all. By contrary, those ofFranceandAustraliado well in this aspect. Propagandas are jointly organized by their own professional institutions here, such as SOPEXA and The Australian Trade Commission (Austrade). They communicate and cooperate with Chinese media to promote their own wines by compiling relative materials on their country and wine industry history and organizing all kinds of activities in schedule. This kind of propaganda can own high credit and large effects during domestic consumers. Apparently, it is much more efficient than that the enterprises do respectively. With the low costs and high efficiency, it makes domestic consumers recognize French and Australian wines are good wine in a short period. Meanwhile, it is also very useful for the wine promotion of their own country. So, we advise all other foreign wineries to learn fromFranceandAustraliato promote your wines in organization.

B) You should set up long-term plan to exploitChinamarket

As to many foreign wineries who comeChinato find cooperators , they think it is ok to find the importers who want to buy their products. But the situation puzzles them much, when they take the top-graded wine here, there are few consumers to buy them. Then, they believe it is caused by the high prices. Then they think that Chinese prefer to cheap wines and change to bring cheap but low-graded wine. But, out of their expectation, the market reaction is as bad as before.. 


Firstly, their channels they have used to find agents are too few, and their ways are too simple. Its successful rate will be very little only to attend some exhibitions that are held in domesticChinato attract investments without sufficient preparations and other assistants. 

Secondly, you should mainly depend on the good cost performance to earn consumer groups. It is not the rule that the cheaper the easier to attract consumers'eyes. It needs time and patience to choose suitable cooperator, harmonize with you partners, adapt to new civilizations and choose promotion strategies. In this process, each stage is very important to your whole plan. It is easy to make wrong choices in hastate in order to exploit market inChinaat once. And it may cause the succeeding troubles for you. So, you should not think it is ok to find the Chinese agents once for all.

Thirdly, it is the main and direct difficulty for most foreign wineries to find agents inChina. All of us know that wine and wine promotion industry is a new emerging one inChina. It only has ten years' history , even five years' history as for those which have dealt in a certain large scale of imported wine and own powerful capital strength.(you can refer to "the introduction of the wine agents of the imported wine") at present, there are lack of imported wine agents and experienced dealers in China. Some ones that have done well and owned abundant market promotion experiences pay high attention to products' cost performance. Moreover, they are so exhausted in their other original businesses that it seems to be impossible for them to pay any money and energy on your products' promotion.

So we advise you to mainly cooperate with the new emerging agents that own powerful capital strength. So you should be patient and give enough time to your agents to improve themselves on all aspects ,such as the familiar to your products, market rules, the construction of the saleschannels and the training of the personnel, and so on. If your products own good cost performance, of course, you may be very lucky to find the experienced and powerful agents to exploit market for you, and you can own a good sale inChinamarket soon. But, as for many foreign wineries, you should be much more patient and confident to face difficulties and risks with you agents. It needs your supports and encouragement for your cooperators to exploit market inChina. Surely, you should try to choose the ones which own powerful capital strength and modern management model. If you wan to develop inChinafor long, you should avoid cooperating with those that lack capital ,management experiences, high quality of the principal, and excellent market. As for the foreign wineries, you should hold the thought that "firstly come intoChina, then make yourself powerful step by step here" in your minds.

As for the most foreign brands, it needs two years to own a certain market possession at least firstly. So you should survey and consult professional experts' advices ,and make suitable strategies before you enter intoChinamarket. You can support the powerful agents that combine importing and sale together to build up good image and reputation for your own brands. 

At last, in a word, in order to succeed inChinamarket, you should make long-term plan, promote qualified goods at suitable prices to meet Chinese consumers' demand, build up good brand image, and try your best to cooperate with your agents to exploit market step by step.

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