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Aussie winemakers target Chinese palate by Kylie Purcell25/11/2018  

As the drought continues to take a toll on the agricultural industry, winemakers are getting a much-needed boost from the Asian market.

The thirst for Australian wine in China has jumped in the last decade, with wine into China accounting for 35 per cent of  Australian exports.

Neil McGuigan, CEO of ASX-listed Australian Vintage and a member of the prominent McGuigan wine family, joined Trading Day to talk about how the Asian market is changing Australia’s viticulture landscape.

He said Chinese buyers have a strong preference for red wine over white, with red wine accounting for 90 per cent of all wine sold in China.

That’s meant red wine production has seen a boost in Australia in recent years.

And with demand among China’s middle class expected to grow, McGuigan says there’s lots to look forward to.

“The Chinese consumer is just getting into wine. There’s a lot of excitement around it now,” McGuigan said.