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Chinese Wine Importers Visit Georgia by Thea Morrison17/09/2018  


Georgia’s National Wine Agency reports that Debra Meiburg, chief of the National Wine Agency's (NWA) contractor company Meiburg Wine Media and 8-men group of wine importers from China have visited Georgia.

As Debra Meiburg said, some of the members of the group are wine importers specialized in producing unique wine sorts. According to her, the past experience showed that conducting such activities in Georgia is very successful.

“The Georgian wine has moved from position 18 to position 9 on the China's wine market within the last 4 years. We all are very excited with the success of Georgian wine on the Asian wine market. Now it is our mission to promote the Georgian wine not only among the wine importers but among the wine consumers as well. Hence, we will do our best in order to focus more on wine consumer's interests in Georgian wine," the NWA quoted Meiburg.

Within the wine tour, the guests were able to visit famous wine factories is Qartli and Kakheti: Chateau Mukhrani, Iago's Wine, Teleda/Orgo, Shumi Winery, Vaziani Winery, Kakhuri Gvinis Marani, GWS, Teliani Valley, Friends’ Cellar , Papari Valley, Badagoni, Pheasant's Tears, Vazisubani Estate and  Lukasi Winery. They were also familiarized with the Qvevri wine-making traditional process in Georgia.

Moreover, there was also held wine tasting in Tbilisi. Over 100 varieties of wine of 27 different wine companies were presented at the tasting event.

As NWA says, China is number 3 largest exporter of Georgian wine. Over  8 million bottles of Georgian wine were exported from Georgia to China within the last 8 month.