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Australian wine tariffs in China abolished by Andy Young07/01/2019  

Australian wine which is exported to China, will no longer be subject to tariffs after the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA) saw them abolished on 1 January 2019.

The FTA has been in place since December 2015 and in that time the level of tariff on wine has been gradually reduced. The Minister for Agriculture, David Littleproud, said that the FTA between Australia and China had pushed significant growth in exports to China over the last 12 months.


Wine exports have continued to increase, with China now the largest export market by volume for Australian wine. There have also been significant increases in the level of beef, dairy and fruit exports to China.

“Tariffs our on our farm produce going into China will be largely eliminated on January 1,” Minister Littleproud said.

“Key exports including wine, most fruit and vegetables, seafood and some dairy will no longer cop a tariff in China, which means our produce will be more affordable for Chinese consumers.”

With zero tariffs now in place and the popularity of Australian wine increasing year on year in China, the market is now a huge opportunity for Australian wine producers. With producers needing to look at whether they have the capabilities to succeed in the market, the Wine Communicators of Australia, along with key decision makers and influencers in the marketing communication space is launching an exciting new platform to build the necessary capabilities needed for Australia’s key wine growth market, China.

In April 2019, the WCA will host the China-Australia Wine Marketing Summit. This event will bring together thought leaders and industry experts who will provide attendees with the latest insights and knowledge required to grow in the Chinese wine market.

WCA Executive Officer, Lynda Schenk said: “Hosting the 2019 China-Australia Wine Marketing Summit is an important step forward for the WCA. Our key purpose is to provide insights and ensure our members are up-to-date with the latest strategies and techniques in wine marketing and communication.

“This Summit reinforces this, and we look forward to this platform creating value for winemakers, wine marketers, wine writers, and wine retailers.”