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Kollaras to ship thousands of bottles of wine to China by Glen Humphries11/11/2019  

Kollaras Group managing director John Kollaras with cartons of Mogul - a wine brand they developed specifically for the Chinese market. Picture: Adam McLean.

A deal to ship wine to China could end up being quite the moneymaker for Kollaras and Co.

The Albion Park Rail-based business signed the deal at a three-day import expo in Shanghai last week with Beijing ABA wine importer.

Managing director John Kollaras said the initial focus of the deal would be the company's Mogul brand, which was created for the Chinese market.

"The brand is a luxury brand which is targeting the affluent and on-trend youths in Asia," Mr Kollaras said.

While Mr Kollaras declined to say how much the deal was worth to his company, the wine will sell in China for the equivalent of around $AUD60.

And he planned to send over a lot of it.

"We do not reveal commercially sensitive details of our deals," Mr Kollaras said.

"However I can highlight that each container we send has around 14,000 bottles in it and between now and February, we are planning to manufacture and ship quite a few containers."

He said Beijing ABA was the biggest wine distributor in the Beijing region, with seven affiliated companies in four cities.

"Through their network we have access to over 3000 outlets which represents a very large opportunity," he said.

The deal to distribute Mogul in China is the latest in a series of efforts to develop the Kollaras business in Asia.

They also have sales offices in Guanghzou and Hong Kong.

"We have been working on this particular partnership for several months," he said of the ABA deal.

"The development of our focus brand in the Mogul has been a project in the works for over 12 months from development to legals to launch."