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The Wine Expo Yantai China 2019 Came to a Successful Conclusion by 04/07/2019  

The VinChina 12th International Terroir Wine Expo Yantai China 2019 ended successfully after a three-day run. Wine distributors, professionals and the media from all over the world attended the expo, checking in with exhibitors, inspecting the exhibits, tasting the wines on show, and engaging in business negotiations. Exhibitors and trade visitors alike had a great time.


According to the Yantai Vine and Wine Industry Development Service Center, the expo attracted the participation of more than 500 reputable wine companies from 58 wine-producing areas across 22 countries, including from the top 10 wine-producing areas in China. With an exhibition area of some 30,000 square meters, and a special booth rate of 90%, this expo was the largest wine expo ever held in China.

This was the first time that representatives from China's 12 core wine producing areas had gathered simultaneously, with 147 top-level domestic wine labels on show, drawing intensive international attention and presenting the best of the ascendancy of big country labels. It also furthered the theme of this expo: "Let's make Chinese Wine the Wine of the World".

During the expo, the organizer held a round-table with the top 10 Chinese producers, themed around strengthening exchange and cooperation between wine-producing areas, improving the competitiveness of Chinese wine labels, and revitalizing the Chinese wine sector, and the group produced The Yantai Consensus of the Chinese Wine Producing Areas.