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Import In China (Jan-Mar 2020): Italian Wines Contains The Losses

Chinese Cuisines meet Italian Wines by 12/05/2020  

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce published the list of the top 13 countries exporting bottled wine to China for the trimester January – March 2020. As it was expected the data are heavily influenced by the covid-19 crisis. In terms of value there has been a 21,17% contraction of the market in terms of volume and 20,32% in terms of value.

Italian wines have the 7,63% of the market share, after Australia (38,28%), France (25,98%) and chile (12,18%). Spain follows Italy with the 6,79% of the market. In terms of volume Italian Wines have lost the 15,96% in comparison with the same period of last year. Not a pleasant news but much worse have done South Africa (-43,15%), New Zealand (-32,88%), Portugal (-31,62%), France (-29,7%) and Chile (-19,92%). In terms of value China has imported the -16,96% of Italian wines in comparison with the same period of last year. Once again the performance of Italian wines has been not good but not so disastrous as the wines from South Africa (-50,56%), USA (-43%), France (-39,85%) and Portugal (-26,67%). Among the best performers the Australian wines have lost in terms of volume but managed to reduce the losses in terms of value. The average price of the wine by litre has jumped to USD 7,47 (+14,80%). The average price for the Italian wine has been instead USD 4,52 (-1,19%)