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Why Talks On Fine Chinese Wines Is Good News Also For Exporter To China by Davide Casalin03/07/2020  


China as a potential producer of fine wines has increasingly become a topic of discussions lately, at least in the specialized media. Cellar&Friends, a Facebook page with 100,000 followers, recently made an introduction to the top 10 Chinese wineries (  ). Vino-Joy and Ethica wines are promoting a webinar for July 7, titled “Unconventional Chinese Terroir”. In the panel there are some winemakers who have many followers in the Chinese middle class, including  Emma Gao (Silver Heights -Ningxia), Maxence Dulou (LVMH’s Ao Yun - Yunnan) Yean Yean Lee, (Grace Vineyard – Shanxi) and Clara Wang (Puchang – Xinjiang).

These discussions are not by chance happening while the Chinese Government is pushing consumers to drink more Chinese wine. In this context, President Xi Jinping made an unprecedented trip to Yinchuan near the Helan Mountains, in the premier wine region of Ningxia in North western China.  At the same time a campaign has been launched to invite international drinkers to try quality Chinese wines, which apparently are already exported in more than 20 countries  

Wine exporters to China, especially Italian, should not be worried of these discussions. They probably would face more competition, but these debates and campaigns are good news, because would likely create in China more refined consumers who appreciate and understand quality in wine. And this will be a great contribution to the fight against the thriving business of counterfeit wines, which takes advantage of consumers’ ignorance, and steals relevant market shares.