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Hong Kong: Time To Rethink The Ways Of Promoting Italian Wines by Davide Casalin03/07/2020  

The Covid-19 crisis continues to have “collateral” casualties in Hong Kong: among the many wine events postponed there is also an “Italian Wine Celebration” scheduled for November. It has been postponed to next year, to a date to be decided.


The news has come at the time that the April 2020 Hong Kong wine import statistics came out ( . As expected, as a direct consequence of the Coronavirus crisis, Hong Kong import of Italian wines sustained a dramatic cut: -47,3% in terms of value and -34,8% in quantity, in comparison with April 1919. Among the biggest exporters only Spain and Chile did worse, while USA and New Zealand despite the crisis scored positive figures.

The reality is that the Covid-19 crisis only amplified the negative trend of the Italian wines import from Hong Kong. From 2016 to April 2020 value and quantity of imported Italian wines has constantly decreased with the exception of 2017. This crisis, as much as paradoxical it may appear, is an ideal opportunity to rethink the whole promotional ratio of Italian wines, at all levels, wineries, distributors, associations and moments: events, fairs and marketing activations. The promotional efforts of the last five years didn’t increase the Italian wine share of the market in Hong Kong, which is stuck at an average 2,5%. It’s true that also the other biggest wine producing countries didn’t perform brilliantly in the same period, but they didn’t lose they considerable share of the market: starting from France that kept on average its 30% of the market.