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Wine Trends In China. The “She Power” Era 女性的力量: Will Moscato D’Asti Dominate It? by 21/09/2020  


Women aged between 25 and 30-year-old are the queen makers of the online alcoholic drink market in China, which represents the 30% of all drink sales in the country. These are some of the conclusions emerged from the “2020 young consumers’ online buying behaviours’, a report recently published by the Chinese company CBN Data. 

The study says that young females born in the 1990’s make up half of online alcoholic drink consumers in China, and the number of female buyers aged below 30 already surpassed males in the same age group. The study calls it the “She power (女性的力量)”, which is poised also to affect the wine consumption trends. And this is good news for Italian wine since the research has found out that the fruit-driven, aromatic, semi-dry Moscato d’Asti is the most sought-after style of wine among these young female consumers whit high purchasing power.