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* Who We Are

Bon-wine Culture Consulting Co., Ltd is a promotional consulting firm who dedicated to promote wine culture and wine popularization as well as assist foreign wineries to enhance their presence in Chinese market. It not only possesses China Wines Information – the largest and most professional site in China' s wine trade website, but it is also the organizer of Wine Connoisseurs Alliance of China. Bon-Wine has a team of professional experts and market talents. Their rich specialty knowledge and market experiences, sharp insights and strategic thinking on Chinese wine markets, as well as Bon-wine' s own resourceful information and the broad social network, make Bon-Wine competent for providing all-around quality service for international wine companies.

* What We Do

China Wines Information Website (http://en.winesinfo.com/) is the biggest website that offers the latest and most professional and creditable Chinese wine business news and commercial information.

The website in Chinese version (http://www.winesinfo.com/) has many columns as follows: China wine news, international wine news, wine supply and demand, merchant center for importation of wine, exhibition information, online wine shops, wine clubs, wine forum, etc. Thanks to the abundant and comprehensive information, we make a great success in attracting the most attentions of Chinese wineries, wine agents, distributors, venders, enthusiasts and consumers.

The website in English version (http://en.winesinfo.com/) is dedicated to provide oversea wineries and exporters with the latest news in Chinese wine industry and market, the outlook of Chinese wine industry, the Chinese wine legislation, the information of wine supply, demand and exhibition in China. This website has become the first choice for oversea wineries and exporters to look into the Chinese wine market.

With an average IP visit of 18,000-30,000 and page hit of 100,000-250,000per day, we are highly exposed to both domestic and foreign producers, merchants and Chinese importers.

* Our Mission

Our mission is to help promote your wine business in Chinese market strategies.  To achieve this, we are committed to working collectively with our business partners to improve our joint overall performance with the focus to continually satisfy our mutual current and future needs.

Our business philosophy is to treat our partners as we treat ourselves; we believe that our success is interdependent upon each other.  Therefore, the more competent and professional we equip our partners, the more successful we both will be.

It has been gratifying to hear from international visitors to our site; surprise is that we get a number of calls and e-mails from the international consumers. That's why we try our best to make our web site more reader-friendly to serve our customers more specifically.  Meanwhile, we'll continue to include information that is relevant to our foreign site visitors while greatly expanding our service to the domestic customers who are eager to export their relevant products abroad.