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  • 14346 / michael********2023-09-04 14:20
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  • 12815 / John Jeffery User Na*********************2022-03-23 09:49
  • leave word : It says my Password is incorrect, however I am reasonably sure it is correct.
    What do I do
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  • 12638 / Vasil ******2020-08-10 20:07
  • leave word : Hello,
    Could you please send me a price for "importers directory". Also is the list updated? Could you please send me a sample?

    Best regards,
    Vasile Winery
  • reply : Sorry, the "importers directory" has stopped updating
  • 10602 / ru***2017-12-07 02:46
  • leave word : your verification code system does not work, in fact its damn crap, please fix so I can join your website
  • reply : After checking no problems, please try again!
  • 10598 / Irene G********2017-06-22 17:01
  • leave word : Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am Irene Graziotto, an Italian based Press Officer.
    Among our client we have also VinNatur. I've seen you published an article on pesticides analysis of Vinnatur, signed by Ms. Kitty Zhang.

    I'd like to thank you for your article and understand if we can keep in touch and keep you updated with news that are interesting for you.

    Best Regads,


    Irene Graziotto
    +39 339 7830186

    Studio Cru
    la buona comunicazione
    Viale Verona 98 - 36100 Vicenza
    tel. +39 0444 042110 - fax +39 0444 042111
  • reply : Thank you! For press releases, please email: info@winesinfo.com
  • 10597 / Dan***2017-06-04 04:26
  • leave word : Are the prices you are quoting retail prices? If so, are they at Tier 1 cities?
  • reply : Please contact the publisher directly
  • 10595 / Sean *****2016-07-26 10:05
  • leave word : Dear Sir/Madam,

    My name is Sean and I head marketing for ProWine Asia (Hong Kong). I have followed your website and am interested in cooperating, or engaging in joint-marketing and advertising between your website and our trade shows.

    Please let me know if you would be interested in such an arrangement. We would both gain exposure between our events, publications, and your website traffic.

    Best Regards,

    Sean Gu / 顾宗皓
    Marketing Manager, Messe Dusseldorf (China) LTD
  • reply : Thank you! Specific cooperation details please email to info@winesinfo.com
  • 10594 / mic***2016-04-19 03:48
  • leave word : I am will this directory of chinese agents
  • reply : If you need a directory of Chinese agents, please email: info@winesinfo.com
  • 10587 / Var***2015-09-18 19:03
  • leave word : hello my name is Vardan Petrosyan! I am reperesentative of an export Armenian company. our export product is mostly wine.
    for promotion of our product we want people to know about Armenia first of all. As you are one of the biggest wine information Chanel in China i would like to send you information about the oldest winery in the world that was found in Armenia. I understand that this may cost something. i would like to know what we need to do you to put our information on your website?
  • reply : Hello! You can publish the information of Armenian winery in the [Wine Winery](http://www.winesinfo.com/Briefing/Winery.aspx) section of our website, please visit:http://en.winesinfo.com/advertisement6.aspx
  • 10299 / Christi********2015-05-01 20:57
  • leave word : Dear Mr/Ms,

    First of all what a great website you have. I'm thinking about buying the Directory of Chinese Wine Agents but I have my doubts whether the data is still current.

    So I want a tryout. I want to be able to sellect a couple addresses in China and I want toch check whether the data is still accurate.

    Could you please reply to my mail adress christiaantuyl@gmail.com.

    Thanks a lot.

    Christiaan Tuyl
  • reply : If you need a directory of Chinese agents, please email: info@winesinfo.com