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China Wines Information Website(http://www.winesinfo.com) is a comprehensive and vastly informative website devoted exclusively to China wine industry.The "China Wine imports Business Matchmaking Center" can be a powerful tool for oversea producers to extend their business into China, with many Chinese wine agents seeking foreign partners here, where immense product information is displayed.

The center will present producer's information needed to attract potential Chinese representation, including region, history, capacity, characteristics of wine, partner requirements and contact information. Potential Chinese wine agents can make a informative decision after canvassing all these information and contact the producer they have an eye for.

Eminent visibility. Over 30,000 daily visitors and 70% of which are Chinese in wine trade. Information posted here is accessible via prevailing search engine like Google and Baidu.

Find a Chinese partner and spend only 5% of what would have cost you to attend a trade show in China.

High success rate - 90% of those posted information through the matchmaking center has found.

Easy to operate. All you have to do is send us a document. We will do the rest.

Flexible payment solution.We accept RMB, USD or EUR, via wire transfer, mail transfer, Paypal or Alipay.

  • 1 The information you can post:

    A. Winery introduction: includes wine region, producer history, annual production, production description, partner requirements, website and contact information. No more than 4,500 Chinese characters or 1,500 English words, no more than 10 images.

    B. Wine introduction: includes name, category, vintage, region, grape variety, classification, bottle size, bottle number per case, sugar level, alcohol level(v/v), annual production, FOB, description and awards-winning history.

  • 2Our price

    The price would be 4000 yuan/year or 400EUR/year. The original price of 400 euros is now only 200 euros!All payment should be completed before the posting of your information.

  • 3

    Chinese or English document should be sent over through email.

  • 4

    Contact us if you are interesting in posting your wine on our matchmaking center. After receiving your materials and payment, we will post your information within 5 work days.

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