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Chinese Habit and Taste in Drinking Wine by Johnson Qu23/05/2005  

A. The distilled spirit culture is the most ineradicable one in Chinese liquor  culture in which has more than five thousands years' tradition. Distilled  spirit consumption was very popular in China before twenty years ago. And beer  consumption just began to be vogue at that time. But now beer has been step in No. one in Chinese liquor consumption market At the present time, distilled  spirit and beer are more popular liquor in daily consumption for Chinese denizen. 

B. There is a unitive standard for wine production abroad. Wineries must show original, variety, brewing date and grade etc on the label for consumers understanding it's quality. But in China, most of consumers are shot of cognition about wine consumption. 

C. Chinese people like taste with acid add sweet in wine at present. Some people even mix a bit of Sprite ( A sort of acid add sweet soft drink which is made by U.S. Coca Cola ) in wine for reducing it's saline tannin taste.