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Survey of wine manufacturers in China by Johnson Qu23/05/2005  

1.By 2002, there are nearly 600 wine manufacturers in China, most of which are of medium size and small size. Approximately, they can be classified as follows:

Some old brand wine manufacturers such as Changyu, etc.
Manufacturers transformed from producing distilled spirit to producing wine.

Up-and-coming new manufacturers from other trades.

Bottling factories of imported original wines in coastal regions of China.

2. 80% of the wine enterprises produce less than 1000 tons annually, and 10% of them produce   1000 to 6000 tons per year, only few more than 10,000 tons per year.

3. By the end of Dec. 2001, the total production volume of wines by Chinese wine enterprises is  250,500 tons, increased than that of last year by 19.29%.

4.Wine has become the most profitable alcohol in China.