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Sell Italian sparkling wine by 21/11/2008  

We want to sell Italian sparkling wine.

Tel: 086-010-87609768
Fax: 086-0-67640391
Contact person: Li Yuxia

  • Posted by [C.I.V.S] TIME :28/01/2010
  • La Compagnie Internationale de Vins&Spiritueux is French based wine brokerage company with exclusive commercial contracts with vinyards in France,Italy,Spain,California and Australia. if you are looking for reliable business partner please contact us. tel:33 4 91 98 33 33 fax:33 4 91 98 55 55
  • Posted by [Thomson] TIME :12/11/2009
  • Posted by [Jürgen Kopka] TIME :16/07/2009
  • what class of sparkling wine do you need ? We can help you with fist quality top PROSECCO SPUMANTE and FRIZZANTE. What quantity are you looking for ? Please answer if your needs are not satisfied yet.