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Azerbaijani wine for the bars of Beijing? by 26/11/2010  


China is reported to be showing unexpected demand for Azerbaijani wine.

An Azerbaijani business organization has received a "phenomenal application" for Azerbaijani wine, according to an unnamed representative.

"All the provinces of China are ready to buy Azerbaijani wine as the price is attractive. We're not talking only about wine made from grapes, but fruit wines too. We are currently looking for companies that are ready to meet this demand, at least partially," the source said.

Meanwhile, Naig Mammadhasanov, general director of the Tovuz-Baltiya wine and spirits producer from western Azerbaijan, said that British companies were interested in distributing his firm's products.

Tovuz-Baltiya produces 0.5 million decalitres of wine and spirits per year, 80% of which is exported, Mammadhasanov said.

"At present we are exporting to Russia, Germany, Poland, Hungary and Estonia, while we were recently approached by British companies ready to be our distributors in the British Isles," Mammadhasanov told