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Wine classification needed at national level in China by Stacier Wei19/11/2010  


Wines are riseing in price of late. However, it is still difficult for many Chinese customers to determine the class of that they are buying. According to knowledge of persons in wine business, this is due to the fact that nation-level wine classification does not yet exist,though some wine practitioners do follow their systems they developed on their own. It is obvious not convenient for general wine consumers.

As reported lately, some wine shops and supermarkets do not provide wines with price under 50 Yuan; the most common level of price of imported wine is 200 plus.Imported wines are perceived by some as they are better in quality and higher in price than the natives. So on the other hand, lower price normally means lower quality—this might become the only important criteria for Chinese wine consumers when they choose products

Based on the perspective that related missionary in the field gives, the criteria is not reliable and can be misleading for customers if lack of complete information. At national level, wines sold in China are sorted, instead of classified, into 5 categories: excellent, find, qualified, unqualified and inferior. There was a 2008 regulation on that, however description of the five categories of wines are approved only in the attachment part in the regulation document. It is more a technical term in qualification of product than a classification term of wine like that of France. (As we all know, there are four classes of wines in France by law and regulation: AOC, VDSQ, VDP and VDT)

It may be interesting to notice that there are classifications developed by some native wine producers for their own brands and products. They just follow their own systems without seeing China market as a big whole one.

It is for consumers’ good, from a long-term perspective, that law and regulation on wine classification need to be developed and launched into air. Associations, offices and departments are working on it.

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