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Polarized Wuhan wine market by Stacier Wei16/01/2013  

As the Chinese new year holiday comes near, policies of restriction of "San Gong" Consumptions have great effects on Chinese traditional distilled spirit market of Wuhan. And for the hot season of wine sales, it appears to be polarized: sales of mid-and-low level wines drop by 10% on year-on-year basis and high-end wines increase in general.

The secretary of Hubei Alcohol Guild shows the statistics after he has done some research about wine development of Wuhan for the past half decade, and it reveals the strong growing trend and high speed of increase level of annual sales. Beside the famous Chinese domestic wine brands, and the renown French Grand Crus, some other famed wine products also enter into the market, making the competition more and more intensified.

It is reported that China has become the biggest import country for Bordeaux wines. Basing on the calculation of import volume of 2011, Chinese drinks up 110 bottles per minute. French wine has bright future in Chinese market


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