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Status analysis of China wine market in 2012 by Stacier Wei23/01/2013  

Chinese wine yield takes up only 1% of total beverage yield of in China. Space of growth for wine is huge. Chinese market is in the stage of transformation from incubation period to growth period. With the Chinese lifestyle westernizing and average income growing, the consumption of wine remain vigorous growth.

The status of wine industry development of China is different from that of other countries’.

China has vine planting area of 6.28 million mu, 80 million of which is vinicultural vine planting area; total yield of grape is 6.27 million tons, 75% of which used as food and 15% as wine-making material. Wine production regions spread in 26 provinces, cities and autonomous regions. The top five provinces/city in total output are Shandong, Hebei, Tianjin, Jilin, Helan, which together take up 87.44% of the total output of the country. The four major Chinese wine producers are Changyu, GreatWall, Dynasty and Weilong.

In China there are around 500 wine enterprises, they are grouped into three categories:

1, old enterprises with big brand names, leading by Changyu;

2, enterprises that transferred from other businesses

3, bulk wine importers and filling enterprises that are mainly from the coast area.

Since 2011,growth rate of total profit of Chinese wine industry remain above 30%. The industry is rising quickly. Some regions establish local wine guilds, like Changli Enology Enterprises Associations, Tonghua Dongchang District Grape Chamber of Commerce, Grape and Wine Chamber of Commerce in Penglai, Shandong Enology Science Research Laboratory, etc.

Wine industry are supported by favorable policies of the Chinese government. Tariff of imported wine has dropped from 65% to 14% since China entered into WTO. Now the tariffs in force for original bottled imported wine include: Customs duty 14%, added-value tax 17% and consumption tax 10%.

The Chinese govern has released a few solutions and regulations on wine administration, that include The Management Solutions For Alcohol Circulation, The Solutions For Consumption Tax Of Wine, China Enology Technical Regulations, China Enology Industry The Shierwu Development Program.



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