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Mid-level wine market grows mature in Beijing by Stacier Wei24/01/2013  


As the Chinese New Year Festival approach near, alcohol sales welcome a new consumption hot season. The reporter has conducted research on Beijing wine market, and he finds out that wine consumption tends to be more rational than before. High quality-price-ratio and mid-level wine becomes the first choose for most customers.

One of the interviewee told the reporter that now more and more consumers don't belive buying more expensive means buying better. They have better undrstanding about the wine they are buying, no longer choosing it only basing on price.

Taking a company named Hongmatou International Business Management Ltd. Corp. as an example, the best sales for the wine company are at the price level between 300 to 1000 Yuan per bottle. For the recent one month, the company has sold near 20,000 bottles of mid-level wine, while for high-end wine, only 3,000 bottles.


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